Proven Efficiency

Proven Efficiency

LAQ TRIPLE EFFICIENCY FACE TREATMENT offers three levels of efficiency in each of its products. The 24h anti-age face cream moisturises your skin, encourages self-regeneration and fights against free radicals. With the use of the 24h anti-age face serum, you can also repair damage that has already been done to your skin.

Level one: Extreme Moisturising

LAQ TRIPLE EFFICIENCY FACE TREATMENT revolutionary improves the hydration and elasticity of the skin. You will observe a 9 % improvement in skin moisture on average after only 14 days and 20% on average after 8 weeks. Combat the aging process with enhanced elasticity, which improves by 9% on average after the first few weeks and by 18% on average after prolonged use. Individuals measured up to a 111 % improvement in moisture and up to a 63 % improvement in the elasticity of the skin, as well as an up to 65 % improvement in the intensity of the dermis.


Average moisture and elasticity

Chart 1: Average moisture and elasticity values according over time

The volunteers estimated that the moisture of their skin was either very much improved (52%) or improved (48%). Their estimations regarding elasticity were similar. They also noticed that the skin became smoother and firmer.

One of the signs of skin improvement is an improved density of collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the skin, i.e. the dermis, and an improvement of the collagen structure. Ultrasound tests show a 12% improvement in density, which makes the skin look younger and firmer. A better density of the dermis reduces the percentage of damaged skin and the changes connected to aging become less visible on the surface. Far from acting only superficially, the key effect of the cream is its impact on the regeneration of the deeper layers of skin.


Ultrasound picture of dermis density improvement

Ultrasound picture of dermis densityUltrasound picture of dermis density after

Ultrasound picture of dermis damage improvement from 40% to 21%, and the improvement of density

Ultrasound picture of dermis densityUltrasound picture of dermis density after

Level two: Cell Renewal and Wrinkle Reduction

LAQ TRIPLE EFFICIENCY FACE TREATMENT has been proven to encourage cell renewal and reduce wrinkles. Regular use of the cream and serum reduces expression lines and improves the micro relief of the skin. The skin becomes smoother and consequences of negative influences, like smoking, can become less visible.

Pictures taken with a digital microscope show notably shallower the wrinkles are and the improvement of the microrelief of the skin.

Improvement of the microreliefImprovement of the microrelief

Smoking wrinkles are reduced as well.

Smoking wrinkels beforeSmoking wrinkles after

According to the estimation of the volunteers, their wrinkles became better or even much better.

Volunteers wrinkles graph

Chart 2: Self-evaluation of the skin condition after 8 weeks of product use compared to the initial skin condition. The chart shows the distribution of answers.

Level three: Anti-age Effect and Damage Repair

Time and negative influences of the environment leave their mark on the skin in the form of wrinkles, small scars, redness, age spots, smoker’s pallor, wider pores and loss of natural skin luminosity. LAQ TRIPLE EFFICIENCY FACE TREATMENT efficiently removes the results of free radicals, which cause the aging process, and a combination of cream and serum has the power to repair damage already done.

This volunteer had a bad case of acne in her youth. With the use of our cream, the scars became less visible.

Anti-age beforeAnti-age after

The skin tone of the volunteers became more uniform after use, and the redness became less pronounced.

Anti-age before 2Anti-age after 2

Anti-age before 3Anti-age after 3

The pores on the nose and cheeks are reduced, the skin is noticeably smoother, the microrelief has improved and the skin is firmer.

Anti-age before 4Anti-age after 4

The study

About the trial

The trial was conducted by an independent institute for cosmetics. It included 21 women between the ages of 32 and 61. The average age was 48 years. During the eight weeks of the trial, the volunteers used only our skin products. The condition of their skin – moisture and elasticity – and the condition of the deeper layers (dermis) – collagen and elastin – were observed closely by the VIST. The results were measured after each of four periods and the volunteers were asked to evaluate the efficacy of the cream.

After 14 days of use, 81% answered that they would use the product after the end of the trial. After eight weeks, this percentage went up to 95%.