Active ingredients

Active ingredients

A refined combination of extremely efficient ingredients is the secret to the success of the LAQ TRIPLE EFFICIENCY TREATMENT, which sets a new record for the results you can get from only one cream. In addition, the velvety feel of the cream and serum instantly makes your skin feel pampered, hydrated and soft to touch.

Stem cells

Stem cells in cosmetic products offer considerable protection and revitalisation of the cells and make you skin younger. It has been proven that they influence stem cells in the skin and are one of the most important innovations in the field of cosmetics, a real breakthrough in the modern fight against aging. The process of the stimulation of the stem cells in the skin takes place in the basal layer of the epidermis, which plays a very important role in maintenance of the normal skin barrier and protects the body from physical and chemical damage, infections and dehydration. External factors and chronological aging decrease the activity of the epidermal stem cells, and these cosmetic ingredients works on the principle of “reprogramming” the stem cells to re-establish normal biological processes.

Phytocell Malus Domestica

  • is an active ingredient from the cells of a rare Swiss apple with a long shelf-life
  • it helps skin cells preserve their elemental characteristics and to regain the full ability to form new cells
  • it slows down the aging process and has an anti-aging effect

Phytocell Alp Rose

  • is an active ingredient from the stem cells of leaves of an alpine rose
  • the leaves of this flower have adapted to the cold, draught and UV radiation, to help it thrive in extreme and rapidly changing conditions
  • PhytoCellTec Alp Rose increases the vitality of epidermal stem cells, preserves their primary characteristics and protects them from external influences
  • it improved the regeneration of the dermis and consequently the quality of the natural skin barrier and protection
  • a clinical trial conducted in the Alps during the winter proved that PhytoCellTec Alp Rose increases the natural protection of the skin and reduces the first signs of age (wrinkles, redness, loss of firmness)


  • a natural plant product (bioflavonoid) with a strong anti-aging effect
  • it acts as an antioxidant and reduces the possibility of skin inflammations and allergies
  • the synergistic effect of this ingredient covers the entire spectrum of anti-aging processes and is especially beneficial for very sensitive skin


  • is an ingredient with an anti-aging effect that reduces the depth and visibility of wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes
  • it smooths out wrinkles like botox


  • is an innovative natural ingredient discovered in halophilic bacteria that live and multiply in extremely difficult conditions (salt lakes, sea water, salt deserts: high UV radiation, draught and a high concentration of salt)
  • it is an “Natural Cell Protection Factor” that works on several levels:
    • protection of the cell immune system
    • encourages the production of heat-shock proteins and protects the cell
    • protects the skin from UV radiation
    • protects the cells from UVA radiation
    • preserves the moisture in the skin, even under very stressful conditions, and protects it from dehydration
    • increases the hydration of the skin in the long term

Hyaluronic acid

  • is one of the best natural skin moisturising components
  • it eliminate active oxygen radicals that form in the skin when it’s exposed to UV radiation and protects the skin from damage caused by the free radicals
  • encourages natural regeneration of the skin


  • has a similar structure to the natural sugar that can be found in the stratum corneum of the skin and binds the creation in the skin like a magnet
  • it acts mostly as a strong skin moisturiser, hydrating the skin and, in the long term, increasing hydration
  • decreases skin irritation


  • is a derivative of amino acids that are naturally present in our body
  • it has a soothing and softening effect on the skin, decreases the possibility of irritation and increases hydration
  • revitalises the energy metabolism of the cells
  • stabilises cell membranes and provides protection for the skin
  • is a synonym for cell energy