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Triple Efficiency Face TreatmentOne treatment, three levels of efficiency

Try our innovative treatment and see your skin get younger after only 14 days!

The Triple Efficiency Face Treatment products moisturise your skin, encourage self-regeneration of the skin and wrinkle reduction. They fights against free radicals to slow down skin aging and can also repair damage that has already been done to your skin.


Triple Efficiency Face Treatment

Triple Efficiency Face Treatment

The 24h anti-age face cream

Does my skin get more moisturized?

Yes! On average 20 % more skin moisture! Find out more...

What about cell renewal and wrinkle reduction?

It happens! Count on 8 % improved skin elasticity and 12 % stronger and denser dermis on average. Find out more...

Can the treatment improve smoking wrinkles and acne scars, make the skin tone more even and tighten pores?

It can! Wrinkles get reduced ant the skin tone looking fresher. Find out more...

Does it work against further skin aging?

Very much! Ingredients with antioxidant efficiency slow down the process of skin aging. Find out more...

Triple Efficiency Face Treatment

Triple Efficiency Face Treatment

The 24h anti-age face serum

Do I need the serum?

Yes! The intensive effect through concentrated active ingredients supports the improvement of skin damage already done. Apply on stressed parts of the face that need special care. Find out more...

Are there further ways of use?

There are! The serum provides more intensive care and can be used as foundation for a more efficient night care. Massage over the face before applaying the cream. Find out more...

How proven are these claims?

Very much! There are proven by a trial conducted by an independent institute for cosmetics on 21 volunteers. Find out more...


The Result

What do I get?

Everything that the skin needs to regain a youthful luminosity after only 14 days of use!

It’s a unique combination of the most innovative active ingredients for facial care like stem cells, Ectoin, Tilirosid, Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid, Pentavitin and Creatine.

After 8 weeks, the skin is on average 20% more hydrated, 18% more elastic and the dermis is 12% stronger and denser.*

*According to the trial of an independent institute on 21 volunteers.