Proven Efficiency

The complex of especially chosen, different moisturizers with proven efficiency brings beautiful, healthy looking skin, thoroughly moisturized and with silky smoothness and softness.


Pentavitin improves the ability to preserve water in the skin. It gives extra care and support for dry skin to reduce irritability and itchiness.

Instant deep hydration: The Moisture Accumulation Test shows that PENTAVITIN® instantly retains more moisture in the skin than glycerin.

Moisture Accumulation

Deep hydration for 72 hours: 1% PENTAVITIN® reduces the signs of dry skin by 20% after 4 weeks. After the last treatment, the effects of PENTAVITIN® last for 72 hours.

Deep Hydration

Strengthens skin barrier function: 1% PENTAVITIN® improves and strengthens the skin’s barrier function, as shown by the 20% reduction in TEWL before and after 20 successive tape strippings after a 28-day application.

Skin Barrier


RonaCare® Ectoin affects skin moisture by lasting. It does this by binding water molecules by forming large hydration shells and creating strong water structures. This enriches the skin’s moisture content for a long time to come.

RonaCare® Ectoin supports the cell’s protective and repair mechanisms after UVA radiation.
Quelle: Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Deutschland